Flooping the Pig – An Adventure Time  Podcast

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The fine folks at Enter The Reel World are hosting a new era of the Adventure Time podcast “Flooping The Pig!” Over time, the sixty episode archive (originally hosted at Pro Wrestling Ponderings in the years 2014 and 2015) are being moved over.

Each week, Brad Garoon, Kevin Ford, and Justin Houston cover four episodes of the acclaimed animated series.


Episode 1: The Adventure Begins
‘Slumber Party Panic’, ‘Trouble In Lumpy Space’, ‘Prisoners of Love’ & ‘Tree Trunks’

Episode 2: Commence the Jigglin
‘The Enchiridion!’, ‘The Jiggler’, ‘Ricardio the Heart Guy’ & ‘Business Time’

Episode 3: Youth Culture Forever!
‘My Favorite People’, ‘Memories of Boom Boom Mountain’, ‘Wizard’ & ‘Evicted!’

Episode 4: Man Baby Bagel Body
‘City of Thieves’, ‘The Witch’s Garden’, ‘What Is Life?’ & ‘Ocean of Fear’

Episode 5: Come On, Apple Grease
‘When Wedding Bells Thaw’, ‘Dungeon’, ‘The Duke’ & ‘Freak City’

Episode 6: The Floor Is Lava
‘Donny’, ‘Henchman’, ‘Rainy Day Daydream’ & ‘What Have You Done?’

Episode 7: Drama Bomb!
‘His Hero’, ‘Gut Grinder’, ‘It Came From the Nightosphere’ & ‘The Eyes’

Episode 8: Banana Phone
‘Loyalty to the King’, ‘Blood Under the Skin’, ‘Storytelling’ & ‘Slow Love’

Episode 9: 1,000 Partying Demons
‘Power Animal’, ‘Crystals Have Power’, ‘The Other Tarts’ & ‘To Cut A Woman’s Hair’

Episode 10: Homies Help Homies
‘The Chamber of Frozen Blades’, ‘Her Parents’, ‘The Pods’ & ‘The Silent King’

Episode 11: Easy Peasy Livin’ Greazy
‘The Real You’, ‘Guardians of Sunshine’, ‘Death In Bloom’ & ‘Susan Strong’

Episode 12: My Burger’s Dead
‘Mystery Train’, ‘Go With Me’, ‘Belly of the Beast’ & ‘The Limit’

Episode 13: Enter the Lich
‘Video Makers’, ‘Heat Signature’, ‘Mortal Folly’ & ‘Mortal Recoil’

Episode 14: On a Tropical Island
‘Conquest of Cuteness’, ‘Morituri Te Salutamus’, ‘Memory of a Memory’ & ‘Hitman’

Episode 15: Unacceptable
‘Too Young’, ‘The Monster’, ‘Still’ & ‘Wizard Battle’

Episode 16: Controversial
‘Fionna and Cake’, ‘What Was Missing’, ‘Apple Thief’ & ‘The Creeps’

Episode 17: So Hot It’s Stupid
‘From Bad to Worse’, ‘Beautopia’, ‘No One Can Hear You’ & ‘Jake vs. Me-Mow’

Episode 18: Drama Bomb 2
‘Thank You’, ‘The New Frontier’, ‘Holly Jolly Secrets Part 1’ & ‘Holly Jolly Secrets Part 2’

Episode 19: The 50th Dead World
‘Marceline’s Clost’, ‘Paper Pete’, ‘Another Way’ & ‘Ghost Princess’

Episode 20: Kee Oth Rama Pancake
‘Dad’s Dungeon’, ‘Five Short Graybles’, ‘Incendium’ & ‘Hot to the Touch’

Episode 21: Dream of Dumb
‘Web Weirdos’, ‘Dream of Love’, ‘Return of the Nightosphere’ & ‘Daddy’s Little Monster’

Episode 22: Finn Cakes
‘In Your Footsteps’, ‘Hug Wolf’, ‘Princess Monster Wife’ & ‘Goliad’

Episode 23: Flooping the Pig F’Real
‘Beyond This Earthly Realm’, ‘Gotcha!’, ‘Princess Cookie’ & ‘Card Wars’

Episode 24: Finn Scream
‘Sons of Mars’, ‘Burning Low’, ‘BMO Noire’ & ‘King Worm’

Episode 25: I’m Pregnant
‘Lady & Peebles’, ‘You Made Me’, ‘Who Would Win’ & ‘Ignition Point’

Episode 26: Gunt My Fries
‘The Hard Easy’, ‘Reign of Gunters’, ‘I Remember You’ & ‘The Lich’

Episode 27: The Trouble with Squirrels
‘Finn the Human’, ‘Jake the Dog’, ‘Five More Short Graybles’ & ‘Up a Tree’

Episode 28: Playing God
‘All the Little People’, ‘Jake the Dad’, ‘Davey’ & ‘Mystery Dungeon’

Episode 29: Chamomile Tea
‘All Your Fault’, ‘Little Dude’, ‘Bad Little Boy’ & ‘Vault of Bones’

Episode 30: More Fluff Than Sense
‘The Great Bird Man’, ‘Simon & Marcy’ & ‘Puhoy’

Episode 31: Take Refuge in My Body
‘BMO Lost’, ‘Princess Potluck’, ‘James Baxter the Horse & ‘Shh!’

Episode 32: Tranch
‘The Suitor’, ‘The Party’s Over, ‘Isla de Señorita’, ‘One Last Job’ & ‘Another Five More Short Graybles!’

Episode 33: Adolescent Energy
‘Candy Streets’, ‘Wizards Only, Fool’, ‘Jake Suit’, & ‘Be More’

Episode 34: Finn’s Fiery Loins
‘Sky Witch’, ‘Frost & Fire’, ‘Too Old’, & ‘Earth & Water’

Episode 35: 500 Days of Flame Princess
‘Time Sandwich’, ‘The Vault’, ‘Love Games’, & ‘Dungeon Train’

Episode 36: Litter Boxes and Color Blindness
‘Box Prince’, ‘Red Starved’, ‘We Fixed a Truck’, & ‘Play Date’

Episode 37: Nightmare at Lake Butterscotch
‘The Pit’, ‘James’, ‘Root Beer Guy’, & ‘Apple Wedding’

Episode 38: Fate and Foreshadowing
‘Blade of Grass’, ‘Rattleballs’, ‘The Red Throne’, & ‘Betty’

Episode 39: Keeping the Dosh
‘Bad Timing’, ‘Lemonhope’ Parts 1 & 2, & ‘Billy’s Bucket List’

Episode 40: Bad Daddy
‘Wake Up’, ‘Escape From the Citadel’, ‘James II’, & ‘The Tower’

Episode 41: The Right Arm of Finn Mertens
‘Sad Face’, ‘Breezy’ & ‘Furniture & Meat’

Episode 42: Something Too Big?
‘The Prince Who Wanted Everything’, ‘Something Big’, ‘Little Brother’, & ‘Ocarina’

Episode 43: Debuts and Origins
‘Thanks For The Crabapples, Giuseppe!’, ‘Princess Day’, ‘Nemesis’, & ‘Joshua & Margaret Investigations’

Episode 44: Jake Week
‘Ghost Fly’, ‘Everything’s Jake’, ‘Is That You?’ & ‘Jake the Brick’

Episode 45: A Bag of Lich
‘Dentist’ & ‘The Cooler’ + Issues 1 – 4 of the Adventure Time Comic Book.

Episode 46: Non-Canonical
Nicktoons 2007 Pilot, ‘The Wand’, ‘A Glitch is a Glitch’ & ‘Food Chain’

Episode 47: Adventure Time: Origins
‘The Pajama War’ & ‘Evergreen’ + Issue 5 and Sphagnum Schmagnum” Mini-Story of the Adventure Time Comic Book

Episode 48: Sweet P
‘Astral Plane’ & ‘Goldstars’ + Issues 6 – 9 of the Adventure Time Comic Book.

Episode 49: Martin
‘The Visitor’ + Issue 10 of the Adventure Time Comic Book & Marceline and The Scream Queens Graphic Novel

Episode 50: Matthew
‘The Mountain’ + Issues 11 – 15 of the Adventure Time Comic Book.

Episode 51: Cheryl
‘Dark Purple’ + Adventure Time Annual #1 & Playing With Fire Graphic Novel

Episode 52: Betsy
‘The Diary’ + Adventure Time Summer Spectacular & Fiona and Cake Mini-Series

Episode 53: 7718
‘Walnuts & Rain’ + Issues 16 – 20 of the Adventure Time Comic Book

Episode 54: Bryce
‘Friends Forever’ & ‘Jermaine’ + Adventure Time Spooktacular 2013 & Pixel Princess Graphic Novel

Episode 55: Morty
‘Chips & Ice Cream’ + Candy Capers Comic Book Mini-Series & Adventure Time Winter Special 2014 Comic Book

Episode 56: Cuber
‘Graybles 1000+’ + Issues 21 – 25 of the Adventure Time Comic Book

Episode 57: Cosmic
‘Hoots’ & ‘Water Park Prank’ + Seeing Red Graphic Novel

Episode 58: M.A.R.G.L.E.S.
‘You Forgot Your Floaties’, ‘Be Sweet’, ‘Orgalog’ & ‘On the Lam’

Episode 59: Orgalorg
‘Hot Diggity Doom’ & ‘The Comet’

Episode 60: KOO
‘Bonnie & Neddy’, ‘Varmints’, ‘Cherry Cream Soda’, ‘Mama Said’ & ‘Football’ (Plus: ‘All’s Well That Rats Swell’, ‘Have You Seen the Muffin Mess’, ‘Sow, Do You Like Them Apples’ & ‘The Gift That Reaps Giving’ – Shorts)

Episode 61: Tom
‘Marceline the Vampire Queen’, ‘Everything Stays’, ‘Vamps About’, & ‘The Empress Eyes’

Episode 62: Moon
‘May I Come In?’, ‘Take Her Back’, ‘Checkmate’, & ‘The Dark Cloud’

Episode 63: Cybil
‘The More You Moe, the Moe You Know Part 1 & 2’, ‘Summer Showers’, ‘Angel Face’  & ‘President Porpoise Is Missing’

Episode 64: Monsoonami
‘Blank-Eyed Girl’, ‘Bad Jubies’, ‘King’s Ransom’  & ‘Scamps’

Episode 65: Bertrum
‘Crossover’, ‘The Hall of Egress’, ‘Flute Spell’ & ‘The Thing Yellow Line’

Episode 66: Life
‘Broke His Crown’, ‘Don’t Look’ & ‘Beyond the Grotto. Plus: Frog Seasons Shorts

Episode 67: Lee
‘Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension’, ‘I Am a Sword’, ‘Bun Bun’ & ‘Norman Man’

Episode 68: Patience
‘Elemental’, ‘Five Short Tables’, ‘The Music Hole’ & ‘Daddy-Daughter Card Wars’

Episode 68: Fern
‘Preboot’, ‘Reboot’, ‘Two Swords’ & ‘Do No Harm’

Episode 70: James
‘Wheels’, ‘High Stangeness’, ‘Horse and Ball’ & ‘Jelly Beans Have Power’

Episode 71: Whipple
‘The Invitation’, ‘Whipple The Happy Dragon’, ‘Mysterious Island’ & ‘Imaginary Resources’

Episode 72: Minerva
‘Hide and Seek’, ‘Min & Marty’, ‘Helpers’ & ‘The Light Cloud’

Episode 73: Carroll
‘Orb’, ‘Skyhooks’, ‘Bespoken For’, ‘Winter Light’ & ‘Cloudy’

Episode 74: Marshmeline
‘Slime Central’, ‘Happ Warrior’, ‘Hero Heart’, ‘Skyhooks II’

Episode 75: Fionna
‘Abstract’, ‘Ketchup’, ‘Fionna and Cakes and Fionna’, ‘Whispers’ & ‘Three Buckets’

Episode 76: Grumbo
‘The Wild Hunt’, ‘Always BMO Closing’, ‘Son of Rap Bear’ & ‘Bonnibel Bubblegum’

Episode 77: Hunson
‘Seventeent’, ‘Ring of Fire’, ‘Marcy & Hunson’ & ‘The First Investigation’

Episode 78: Warren
‘Blenanas’, ‘Jake the Starchild’, ‘Temple of Mars’ & ‘Bonnibel Bubblegum’

Episode 79: Golb
‘Diamonds & Lemons’ (Bonus Episode) & ‘Come Along With Me’

Episode 80: Hugo
‘BMO’ (Distant Lands Episode 1) Plus: The Midnight Gospel Season 1

Episode 81: Larvo
‘Obsidian’ (Distant Lands Episode 2) Plus: Bravest Warriors Season 1

Episode 82: Death
‘Together Again’ (Distant Lands Episode 3)

Episode 83: Larry
‘Wizard City’ (Distant Lands Episode 4)