Flooping the Pig – Episode 81: “Larvo”

For the second Distant Lands, Adventure Time gave us a glance into the past and future of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum’s relationship. Brad, JUSTIN, and Kevin discuss the episode, their overall thoughts, and the surprise appearance of some other characters and what they think that could mean.

Additionally, the hosts discuss the first season of Bravest Warriors, another Pendleton Ward led cartoon that aired on Cartoon Network and later VRV. How does it compare to Adventure Time and will other seasons be discussed in future Floop episodes?

Finally, the hosts talk about some of the current animated television they have been watching in between Distant Land viewings. Check it out.

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If you can’t wait for more Adventure Time to hear Kevin podcast again, then keep an eye out for a new podcast from he and Jerome Cusson launching in February.

Jerome & Brian’s Pantheon Plus continues with Martial Arts Month. Episodes on Enter the Dragon and Bloodsport have already dropped, with Mortal Kombat coming next Tuesday!

Matt’s Batman The Animated Series recap, The Matt Signal, continues with episode recaps every Saturday and Sunday. This weekend the Batmobile breaks down and Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy adopt the ethos ‘Be Gay, Do Crime.’

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