The Reel World Podcast

The original flagship podcast launched by Mike & Matt in 2016… a much simpler time! Since launch we’ve welcomed aboard Kevin Ford, Jerome Cusson, Brian DaBrain and Ben Phillips, along with a host of mini-series.

In all honesty these days it’s kept afloat by Jerome & Kevin, as our larger podcasts have their own feeds now, but other stuff pops up occasionally!

Big Spideas

The pun that launched a dozen podcasts (though Mike didn’t remember this was what it was called), Mike Thomas & Matt Waters review all of the Spider-Man films.

Christmas Specials

‘Once a year’, Mike & Matt bring an alternative Christmas movie each.

Countdown to Destruction?

A Leftovers podcast from Ben & Matt. Yes, the title IS derived from a famous Power Rangers episode, thank you for noticing.

Firefly Now, Serenity Later

As the title suggests, Mike & Matt present a podcast on Firefly and Serenity.

Jerome & Kevin Present

Jerome & Kevin’s regular podcast looking at various TV shows. Mini-series within this mini-series include Mars Investigated (a Veronica Mars podcast), Reel Bad (a Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul podcast) and There’s Always Another Podcast (A Halt and Catch Fire podcast).

Kicky, Punchy Men

Proving art is dead, Ben & Matt needed to get to 99 episodes together so present a podcast on The Raid and John Wick.

Mike & Matt’s X-Cellent Adventures

The show that started it all, Mike & Matt present an X-Men podcast, covering the mainline movies and dipping toes into television here and there as well.

Nothing Ever Ends

A Watchmen podcast from Ben & Matt. Covers the book, its various sequels/prequels and homages, Zack Snyder’s movie and the HBO limited series.

The Reel World Go See a Star War

Mike & Matt present a podcast on Star Wars… kinda.

Secret Agent Men

Ben & Matt present a podcast on Bond, Bourne and Mission Impossible.

The Sky Scorchers

Mike & Matt return after a length absence from podcasting to tackle The Matrix series, from the original classic, through the controversial sequels and even the at times forgotten Animatrix.

The Tape Crusaders

Mike & Matt turn their attention to Batman (and Batman related properties). Prepare for some DISCOURSE.

The Wheelbreakers

A Game of Thrones podcast by Mike & Matt.

Everything Else

Look. Sometimes things don’t fit into a neat bucket, okay?


Blade | Blade II | Blade Trinity

Hellboy & Hellboy II: The Golden Army



Pick Your Poison (Nightcrawler & The Spectacular Now)

Pitch Please (Fixing Marvel/Netflix, Fixing X-Men)

The One Year Anniversary Episode (Adventureland & Hoop Dreams)