Ranking the M. Night Shyamalan Films

Films I Still Need To Watch: Wide AwakeThe Last Airbender, The VisitSplit

Films I Need to Re-Watch: Glass

M. Night is one of the best filmmakers from the last thirty years. I am grateful for his audience and critical comeback in recent years, as it means that I will have the opportunity to get to watch his films in the years to come. Continue reading Ranking the M. Night Shyamalan Films

Pantheon Plus – Underrated Sequels: Shrek 2

Brian reveals his final underrated sequel, and they discuss the wonders of the Shrek franchise. Find out whether Gen Z is right about Shrek 2 being better than the original. 

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Pantheon Plus – Underrated Sequels: The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Jerome and Brian are back to decide to discuss one of the most popular and anticipated sequels ever, 1997’s The Lost World.

Find out why this and all sequels in this franchise are just big budget B-movies to the point even Spielberg himself couldn’t top what he did previously. 

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Ranking the Small Axe Films

Small Axe is available for purchase at The Criterion Collection on Blu-Ray. The description of this anthology series from the Criterion website: “…Steve McQueen offers a richly evocative panorama of West Indian life in London from the 1960s through the ’80s—a time defined for the community by the terror of police violence, the empowering awakening of political consciousness, and the ecstatic escape of a vibrant reggae scene.”

I am sure there is better and more valuable analysis of this anthology as a while. I am instead breaking it down by its individual pieces. While in many respects, the anthology is truly meant to be experienced as a whole, its individual pieces all truly can stand on their own two feet.

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Ranking the Andrei Tarkovsky Films


From the outside, Andrei Tarkovsky was an intimidating filmmaker to start to explore. That hesitation proved to be completely unfounded as his films are pretty staightforward explorations of faith, art, and confronting death. You just need a little patience. Continue reading Ranking the Andrei Tarkovsky Films

Ranking the Sofia Coppola Films

Need to Re-Watch: Marie Antoinette

Still Need to Watch: Somewhere

Sofia Coppola, to be reductive, is one of the greatest nepotism babies in the history of Hollywood. The biggest thing that I appreciate about Sofia is that she has a deep understanding of her lane and what she knows best about the human experience, and she capitalizes on that and mostly only that to beautiful art. Acknowledging limitations is difficult, but Sofia makes it look easy.

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Pantheon Plus – Underrated Sequels: Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Jerome and Brian continue their look at underrated sequels with 1990’s Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

They discuss how a sequel can take on a very different tone and how a movie can still be successful. Just remember to not go out in sunlight, get water, or eat after midnight while listening to this episode. 

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Ranking the Martin Scorsese Films

UPDATED: 1/16/2023

Still Need to Watch: Who’s That Knocking On My Door, Kundun

Still Need to Re-Watch: New York New York, Last Temptation of Christ, Mean Streets, The Aviator

Martin Scorsese has a genuine case as being the greatest filmmaker ever from the United States (and he only has a few genuine competitors for that title). His pictures are just absolutely beautiful tributes to humanity and the pain we cause ourselves and each other.

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