Ranking the Succession Seasons

This is a **fluid** project as the show is not over yet, and I can already anticipate my viewpoints on certain seasons shifting over time. In fact, if anything, Season 3 made me think it was probably stupid to even release this now. But fuck it! Content! Continue reading Ranking the Succession Seasons

Ranking the Paul Schrader Films

Article Updated: 3/24/2022

There is something terribly wrong with the world, and it is destroying us from the inside out.

Paul Schrader is one of the most interesting and talented auteurs since the 70s. Despite having a clear style, a prolific filmography, and a long record of great works over six decades, he somehow has missed out on the accolades and the financial success that many of his peers have experienced. First Reformed and a morbidly hilarious Facebook account have given him increased success and notoriety in the last chapter of his career. He’s also pretty close to being truly uncancelable so it should be smooth sailings from here on out for him to be remembered as one of the greats.


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Ranking The Larry Sanders Show Seasons

To a certain extent, I did not know what exactly to expect from this show. I realize now that despite vaguely feeling like it is a very respected and beloved show, I guess I only ever occasionally hear it talked about as a top sitcom of all time. And the first season seemed to make clear why you do not hear it in the conversation Seinfeld, etc. It was simply a very good situational comedy. If anything it is a far more interesting show than an outrageously funny show. Still though, it is very clearly worth going back and watch. You see stuff here that was not done before and then clearly influenced so much of what was to come from the future of sitcoms.

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Ranking the Nicole Holofcener Films

Updated: March 10, 2023

Still Need to Watch: Please Give

Nicole Holofcener specializes in empathetically capturing the loves in self-involved upper middle class whites stuck in a bubble and going through it. No one going today is able to explore stuff like that and make you it seem so true to life. Continue reading Ranking the Nicole Holofcener Films

The NBA Book Canon

Okay, I am cheating here. This is a film and television website/blog. BUT HEAR ME OUT. NBA books are the essentially this long informal serialized series that reminds me of A Song of Ice & Fire (only if they were written better than what Martin puts out). The Palace Intrigue dynamic is just electric. The catty drama is insane. So, in honor of the  HBO ’80s Lakers Series that is inspired by Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s, I figured I would begin this project.

(Now, amusingly enough, said book on the Lakers is not now, nor scheduled to be included. It is frankly quite mid. As you will see, a single volume on a franchise meant to cover many years is often an inadequate combination.)



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Ranking the Creed Films

I am one of those weird people who has never been greatly invested in the Rocky series. That has led to my current situation which is that it has actually been the Creed movies have made me more emotionally invested and interested in the original Rocky characters.

More than that though, the Creed series is an oddly reassuring series of films. They prove that when care and skill are emphasized, the Hollywood machine is actually capable of producing quality art that has mass appeal. It was not in our imagination. It once was happening far more often.

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