Ranking the Paul Schrader Films

Article Updated: 5/20/2023

There is something terribly wrong with the world, and it is destroying us from the inside out.

Paul Schrader is one of the most interesting and talented auteurs since the 70s. Despite having a clear style, a prolific filmography, and a long record of great works over six decades, he somehow has missed out on the accolades and the financial success that many of his peers have experienced. First Reformed and a morbidly hilarious Facebook account have given him increased success and notoriety in the last chapter of his career. He’s also pretty close to being truly uncancelable so it should be smooth sailings from here on out for him to be remembered as one of the greats.


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Ranking the Spike Lee Films

Films Still to Watch: Mo’ Better Blues, Miracle at St. Anna, Old Boy

Films Still to Rewatch: Jungle Fever25th HourInside Man, Red Hook Summer

With Spike Lee, there is the style and there is the politics.  That is not to say these things should (or even can) be not discussed together because they are interwoven. You need to discuss the what of Lee films along with the how. The what of Spike’s films are often what draw me to him. The politics cannot be separated, ignored, or coddled because in many ways Spike Lee films feel like essay films. They have a very specific point they are making – regardless of whether or not that this is the point Lee is trying to make.

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Pantheon Plus – Punchy Kicky (Ip) Man: Episode 3

It’s Week 3 of Punchy Kicky (Ip) Man Month, and Jerome and Brian are starting to notice diminishing returns in the Ip Man franchise.

It’s the third movie and Sammo Hung is out, but MIKE TYSON is in?! That’s right, a 3-minute fight between Ip Man and Mike Tyson that ultimately means nothing in the long run. Once again, it’s multiple storylines that get abandoned half way through the movie for some other plot line.

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Pantheon Plus – Punchy Kicky (Ip) Man: Episode 2

It’s Week 2 of Punchy Kicky (Ip) Man as Jerome and Brian watch Ip Man 2, also known as Rocky IV? A sequel that improves in many areas from the set design, story, and better fight sequences than the first. Sammo Hung plays a major role in this and not just behind the camera doing the fight choreography. Is the jury ‘hung’ on this one?

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Pantheon Plus – Punchy Kicky (Ip) Man: Episode 1

Jerome and Brian are bingeing the Ip Man series during the month of May and have officially dubbed it ‘Punchy Kicky (Ip) Man’ month. Neither have seen any of the films until now.

They start at the beginning where Ip Man endures and struggles during Japan’s occupation of China during World War II. Does Donnie Yen pack a punch? Yes, many in a short amount of time, in fact.

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Jerome & Kevin Present – Cancelled Too Soon: Party Down (Season 3)

Party Down became a cult classic after its cancellation in 2010. For many years, an occasional comment gave fans hope for a movie or TV show resurgence, and it finally came to be in 2023.

Jerome and Kevin host their first addendum to the Cancelled Too Soon, covering the six episode revival of our favorite show about catering. The good, the bad, the new, the old – all is discussed in this hour (and change) of power.

Are we (still) having fun yet?!

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Pantheon Plus – Punchy Kicky (Wo)man: Michelle Yeoh in ‘Wing-Chun’

Jerome and Brian end their look at Michelle Yeoh’s first decade by discussing the romantic comedy, Wing Chun. Find out why this was a pretty rough watch despite some more very good action. Also, a good transition to what they’ll be discussing next month. 

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The Top 40 MCU Performances


Over the course of Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey your hosts have been curating their list of favourite acting performances aka ‘The All-Marvel List‘.

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