Countdown to Destruction? – A Leftovers  Podcast

Countdown to Destruction.png

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters are back for another ongoing podcast series, this time covering The Leftovers.

Ben is a stan, while Matt is watching for the very first time, so whichever camp you fall into, we have both perspectives covered. Matt also chose the title based on his very loose understanding of what the show is about.

Each podcast episode covers two episodes of the show with no spoilers given for future episodes, with the whole thing culminating on October 14th 2018… which is the date the final episode is set!!! It’s ALMOST like they planned it.

Episodes & Schedule

July 15th – Episode 1
Pilot‘ & ‘Penguin One, Us Zero

July 22nd – Episode 2
Two Boats and a Helicopter’ & ‘B.J. and the A.C.

July 29th – Episode 3
Gladys’ & ‘Guest

August 5th – Episode 4
Solace for Tired Feet’ & ‘Cairo

August 12th – Episode 5
The Garveys At Their Best’ & ‘The Prodigal Son Returns

August 19th – Episode 6
Axis Mundi’ & ‘A Matter of Geography

August 26th – Episode 7
Off Ramp’ & ‘Orange Sticker

September 2nd – Episode 8
No Room at the Inn’ & ‘Lens

September 9th – Episode 9
A Most Powerful Adversary’ & ‘International Assassin

September 16th – Episode 10
Ten Thirteen’ & ‘I Live Here Now

September 23rd – Episode 11
The Book of Kevin’ & ‘Don’t Be Ridiculous

September 30th – Episode 12
Crazy Whitefella Thinking’ & ‘G’Day Melbourne

October 7th – Episode 13
It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World’ & ‘Certified

October 14th – Episode 14
The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)’ & ‘The Book of Nora