The Superhero Pantheon Presents: Spider-Man ’94

Jerome and Brian present their first in-depth coverage of a superhero TV show with the 1994 Spider-Man cartoon.


Episodes 1-2: ‘Night of the Lizard’ & ‘Spider Slayer’

Episodes 3-4: ‘Return of the Spider Slayers’ & ‘Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous’

Episodes 5-7: ‘The Menace of Mysterio’, ‘The Sting of the Scorpion’ & ‘Kraven the Hunter’

Episodes 8-10: The Alien Costume (Parts I, II & II)

Episodes 11-13: ‘The Hobgoblin’ (Parts I & II) & ‘Day of the Chameleon’

Episodes 14-16: ‘The Insidious Six’, ‘Battle of the Insidious Six’ & ‘Hydro-Man’

Episodes 17-19: ‘The Mutant Agenda’, ‘Mutants’ Revenge’ & ‘Morbius’

Episodes 20-22: ‘Enter the Punisher’, ‘Duel of the Hunters’ & Blade, the Vampire Hunter’

Episodes 23-25: ‘The Immortal Vampire’ & ‘Tablet of Time’ & ‘Ravages of Time

Episodes 26-27: ‘Shriek of the Vulture’ & ‘The Final Nightmare’

Episodes 28-30: ‘Doctor Strange’, ‘Make a Wish’ & ‘Attack of the Octobot

Episodes 31-33:Enter the Green Goblin’, ‘Rocket Racer’ & ‘Framed

Episodes 34-36:The Man Without Fear’, ‘The Ultimate Slayer’ & ‘Tombstone

Episodes 37-39: ‘Venom Returns’, ‘Carnage’ & ‘The Spot’

Episodes 40-41: ‘Goblin War!’ & ‘Turning Point’

Episodes 42-44: ‘Guilty’, ‘The Cat’ & ‘The Black Cat’

Episodes 45-47: ‘The Return of Kraven’, ‘Partners’ & ‘The Awakening

Episodes 48-50: ‘The Vampire Queen’, ‘The Return of the Green Goblin’ & ‘The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson’

Episodes 51-52: ‘The Lizard King’ & ‘The Prowler’

Episodes 53-55: ‘The Wedding’, ‘Six Forgotten Warriors’ & ‘Unclaimed Legacy

Episodes 56-58: ‘Secrets of the Six’, ‘The Six Fight Again’ & ‘The Price of Heroism’

Episodes 59-63: ‘Return of Hydro-Man’ & ‘Secret Wars’