The Superhero Pantheon – Spider-Man ’94: Episodes 17-19

‘The Mutant Agenda’, ‘Mutants’ Revenge’ & ‘Morbius’

Jerome and Brian continue their look at the second season of Spider-Man and examine a huge crossover in the world of Marvel animation as the X-Men (most prominently Wolverine and Beast) are featured.

Morbius also makes an appearance, but it’s not great. Enjoy the discussion about obscure horror and what makes this season so much better. 




Jerome & Kevin Present is back with ‘Cancelled Too Soon’, covering a series of TV shows brought to an abrupt end by network weirdos.

Like 90s superhero cartoons? Matt has at last completed The Matt Signal and The Matt Signal Beyond which look back at every episode of Batman the Animated Series and Batman Beyond. One last piece on each is forthcoming… Stay tuned!

Matt also presents Marvel Mondays, which is currently covering new episodes of Moon Knight!

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