The Superhero Pantheon – Vol. 2, Ep. 45: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie


Jerome and Brian are ready for morphonomal new year as they get into the Power Rangers franchise. It’s the first of three episodes discussing the Power Rangers. Find out why Ivan Ooze became pop culture relevant all over again thanks to Apocalypse. Marvel at the awfulness of both the script and CGI. Continue reading The Superhero Pantheon – Vol. 2, Ep. 45: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

The Superhero Pantheon: Volume 2, Episode 44: Aquaman


Jerome and Brian go underwater to explore one of the most profitable superhero movies of 2018, a film that continued the DCEU’s momentum and took over the holiday season. Continue reading The Superhero Pantheon: Volume 2, Episode 44: Aquaman

Jerome Ranks 2019 Movies (104-70)

I see a lot of movies thanks to AMC A-List and working at a job that allows me to go to Friday matinees. It is a personal challenge to try and rank these films, but I think it’s fun to see 100 or more movies in a given year and challenge myself in this way. Every fictional narrative film is ranked. I do not count documentaries, partially because this hasn’t been a great year for them, and I think it’s difficult to include them. What I’ve realized in organizing this list is there’s a lot of mediocrity among big blockbusters and major franchises, but I think the basement for major studio releases is also a bit higher. Without any further adieu…

104. Hellboy (2/10) Continue reading Jerome Ranks 2019 Movies (104-70)

Mars Investigated: Episode 5


In what may be the final episode of this podcast series, Jerome and Kevin discuss what may be the final season (or first season if you look at the packaging for the DVD) of Veronica Mars.

They begin by discussing the controversial ending before diving into the plot mechanics and characters. Two guest stars really elevated this season and brought a lot of nuance to the proceedings.

While this is the last episode of this series, Jerome and Kevin will shift their attention to another show. Find out which one at the end. Continue reading Mars Investigated: Episode 5