The Superhero Pantheon – Spider-Man ’94: Episodes 5-7

‘The Menace of Mysterio’, ‘The Sting of the Scorpion’ and ‘Kraven the Hunter’

Jerome and Brian discuss three episodes this week as they break down three more members of the rogue’s gallery, definitely the lesser side. It’s a bit of a down week, but there are a lot of wrestling connections. Oh, and we find out what happened to Uncle Ben! 

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Jerome & Kevin Present is back with ‘Cancelled Too Soon’, covering a series of TV shows brought to an abrupt end by network weirdos. New episodes the first week of each month.

The Matt Signal Beyond a Batman Beyond recap continues each Saturday and Sunday. This weekend Terry shares a story from the early days of his Batman career, and meets the leader of the Kobra gang.

Matt also presents Marvel Mondays, in which he covers all of the MCU Disney+ shows. Obviously that means the column is on hiatus until Moon Knight.

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