Nothing Ever Ends – A Watchmen Podcast


Ben Phillips & Matt Waters just won’t stop podcasting, which is fitting given the title of this mini-series devoted to Damon Lindelof’s TV continuation of the most acclaimed comic book of all time.

How will Ben fare as the host and editor as Matt finally relinquishes control of a Reel World production? There’s only one way to find out… Tick Tock, Tick Tock…

Logo & Theme Song by Saskia Parks.

Episodes & Schedule

April 18th – Episode 1
Comic Book Special: Watchmen (1986), Watchmen (2009), Before Watchmen, Pax Americana, Doomsday Clock & Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt

April 25th – Episode 2
‘It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice’ & ‘Martial Feats of Comanche Horsmanship’

May 2nd – Episode 3
‘She Was Killed by Space Junk’ & ‘If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own’

May 9th – Episode 4
‘Little Fear of Lightning’ & ‘This Extraordinary Being’

May 16th – Episode 5
‘An Almost Religious Awe’ & ‘God Walks Into Abar’

May 23rd – Episode 6
‘See How They Fly’

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