Nothing Ever Ends – A Watchmen Podcast: Episode 3

Episode 3

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters just won’t stop podcasting, which is fitting given the title of this mini-series devoted to Damon Lindelof’s TV continuation of the most acclaimed comic book of all time.

This week our core cast is finally complete thanks to the arrival of the always electric Jean Smart and the delightful Hong Chau make their series debuts… As do Dale Petey, Excalibur the Dildo and Lube Man! Ben can’t help but tease a blissfully ignorant Matt as the plot thickens, and Jeremy Irons gets up to more nonsense.

Episodes covered:

‘She Was Killed by Space Junk’

‘If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own’

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If this was your first time experiencing the dulcet tones of Ben & Matt then why not check out their other podcasts: There Will Be MoviesBen & Matt’s MARVELlous JourneyCountdown to Destruction? and Secret Agent Men.

Jerome and Kevin’s Breaking Bad podcast, Reel Bad, is 3 episodes old. New episodes in the first week of each month… which means a new one this week!

The Superhero Pantheon are taking a week off, both because of the above-mentioned Reel Bad episode, and to think about what they did (reviewing Hellboy (2019) & Dark Phoenix)

Be sure to stay tuned to Kevin’s Flooping the Pig, our Adventure Time podcast, as two episodes from their archive are uploaded every week ahead of new episodes coming later this year.

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