Vol. 2: 2010 – 2019

There Will Be Movies vol 2

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters continue to present 25 of their favourite movies from a given decade, this time with 2010 – 2019.

How did we arrive at THIS list in the first place? Why aren’t certain movies on it? The answers to both of these questions and more than you likely wanted to know can be found in our very handy Episode 25.1 (or another episode 0, if you prefer):

Episode Schedule

Episode 1: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Special Watch-Along Episode)
Episode 2: The Social Network
Episode 3: Black Swan
Episode 4: Drive
Episode 5: Moneyball
Episode 6: Zero Dark Thirty
Episode 7: Short Term 12
Episode 8: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Episode 9: Chef
Episode 10: Boyhood
Episode 11: Whiplash
Episode 12: Creed
Episode 13: Arrival
Episode 14: The Handmaiden
Episode 15: Get Out
Episode 16: Call Me By Your Name
Episode 17: The Florida Project
Episode 18: Annihilation
Episode 19: Bad Times at the El Royale
Episode 20: Widows
Episode 21: If Beale Street Could Talk
Episode 22: Booksmart
Episode 23: Knives Out
Episode 24: Little Women
Episode 25: Parasite

Plus: ‘Bonus Round’ (Vol. 2)