Secret Agent Men

Secret Agent Men.JPG

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters are sick to death of Oscar contenders so have decided to get their spy on instead, examining how the Mission: Impossible, Bourne and James Bond franchises have danced around each other over the years.

Episode 1: Mission: Impossible
Episode 2: The Bourne Identity
Episode 3: Mission: Impossible II
Episode 4: The Bourne Supremacy
Episode 5: Mission: Impossible III
Episode 6: Casino Royale
Episode 7: The Bourne Ultimatum
Episode 8: Quantum of Solace
Episode 9: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol
Episode 10: The Bourne Legacy
Episode 11: Skyfall
Episode 12: Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation
Episode 13: Spectre
Episode 14: Jason Bourne
Episode 15: Mission: Impossible Fallout
Episode 16: No Time To Die (WHO KNOWS?!)