Secret Agent Men – Episode 13: Spectre

13) Spectre

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters are sick to death of Oscar contenders so have decided to get their spy on instead, examining how the Mission: Impossible, Bourne and James Bond franchises have danced around each other over the years.

Matt has spent every day since Spectre came out telling everyone how bad it is but during the course of this podcast began to have his doubts. Does his memory deceive him? Will first time viewer Ben like it? Surely you can’t go wrong with Sam Mendes returning, Christoph Waltz and Andrew Scott as the villains and Lea Seydoux as the female lead… right?

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Next week: Jason Bourne


If this was your first time experiencing the dulcet tones of Ben & Matt then why not check out the podcast series they did on 25 of their favourite films of a given decadeThe Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Leftovers.

The Superhero Pantheon are in a race against the clock as they attempt to review both Ghost Rider movies in record breaking time. Will they manage it? Find out this Tuesday.

Speaking of the Pantheon, Jerome and Kevin have launched their new Breaking Bad podcast, Reel Bad, with new episodes in the first week of each month.

Be sure to stay tuned to Kevin’s Flooping the Pig, our Adventure Time podcast, as two episodes from their archive are uploaded every week ahead of new episodes coming later this year.

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