The Superhero Pantheon – Spider-Man ’94: Episodes 11-13

‘The Hobgoblin’ (Parts I & II) & ‘Day of the Chameleon’

Jerome and Brian review the final three episodes of the first season of Fox Kids’ Spider-man. They discuss Mark Hamill’s Joke…I mean Hobgoblin and a pretty solid espionage thriller finale. Oh, and there’s a pretty problematic kiss?

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Jerome & Kevin Present is back with ‘Cancelled Too Soon’, covering a series of TV shows brought to an abrupt end by network weirdos. New episodes the first week of each month… oh hey, that’s next week!

The Matt Signal Beyond a Batman Beyond recap continues each Saturday and Sunday. This weekend, with the main series over, it’s time to look at some crossover episodes and delve into the final data-driven analysis. Juicy!

Matt also presents Marvel Mondays, in which he covers all of the MCU Disney+ shows. Which means it’ll be back soon to start on Moon Knight!

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