The Superhero Pantheon – Spider-Man ’94: Episodes 3 & 4

‘Return of the Spider Slayers’ & ‘Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous’

Jerome and Brian talk robots! They also discuss one of the most important and iconic villains in the rogue’s gallery. Find out what this version of Doc Oc has in common with… Alfred Pennyworth. Also, a Golden Girls connection!

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Jerome & Kevin Present is back with ‘Cancelled Too Soon’, covering a series of TV shows brought to an abrupt end by network weirdos. New episodes the first week of each month.

The Matt Signal a Batman The Animated Series recap continues each Saturday and Sunday. This weekend Terry teams up with a talking gorilla and meets Inque’s secret daughter.

Matt also presents Marvel Mondays, in which he covers all of the MCU Disney+ shows. Obviously that means the column is on hiatus until Moon Knight.

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