Countdown to Destruction? – Episode 4: ‘Solace for Tired Feet’ & ‘Cairo’

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Ben Phillips and Matt Waters present Countdown to Destruction?, a podcast series recapping every episode of The Leftovers.

Jill is in a fridge, Kevin Sr. is NOT in a psychiatric facility and Nora and Kevin just want to be in slam town in our first episode, ‘Solace for Tired Feet‘. Then it’s another Lindelof log cabin fiasco with a grizzly conclusion in ‘Cairo‘. Grab your copy of National Geographic and let’s see if we can puzzle all this out.

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Next time: A TV show by Damon Lindelof featuring heavy flashbacks? Weird! Plus it’s season finale time as the GR finally enact their sadistic plot. Will Mapleton ever be the same? Will Nora somehow stop being the best? Find out next week!

Countdown to Destruction

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