From Broadcast Depth: A LOST Podcast

From Broadcast Depth

A new podcast has joined The Reel World! Kevin Ford and Ben Lundy have jumped aboard to cover the television phenomenon LOST. Grab a fish biscuit and join the fun!

Podcast Pilot: Back to the Island

Season One

Episode 1: ‘The Pilot’ (Part 1 & 2)
Episode 2: ‘Tabula Rasa’ & ‘Walkabout’
Episode 3: ‘White Rabbit’ & ‘House of the Rising Sun’
Episode 4: ‘The Moth’ & ‘Confidence Man’
Episode 5: ‘Solitary’ & ‘Raised by Another’
Episode 6:All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues’ & ‘Whatever the Case May Be’
Episode 7:Hearts and Minds’ & ‘Special’
Episode 8: ‘Homecoming’ & ‘Outlaws’
Episode 9: ‘… In Translation’ & ‘The Numbers
Episode 10:Deus Ex Machina’ & ‘Do No Harm’
Episode 11: ‘The Greater Good’ & ‘Born to Run’
Episode 12: ‘Exodus’ Parts 1-3′

Season Two

Episode 13: ‘Man of Science, Man of Faith’ & ‘Adrift’
Episode 14: ‘Orientation’ & ‘Everybody Hates Hugo’
Episode 15: ‘… And Found’ & ‘Abandoned’

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