Flooping the Pig – Episode 54: “Bryce”

thumbnail_Episode 54 - Bryce

Original Air Date: April 22, 2015

After another show-driven hiatus, Brad Garoon, Kevin Ford, and Justin Houston are back to talk about Adventure Time. This time they tackle the episodes “Friends Forever” and “Jermaine,” and the comic books “Pixel Princesses” and “The 2013 Spooktacular.”

Episodes Covered:

‘Friends Forever’ (Season 6, Episode 32)

‘Jermaine’ (Season 6, Episode 33)

Comic Books Covered:

Adventure Time Spooktacular 2013 (October 2013)

Pixel Princess Graphic Novel (December 2013)

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Ben & Matt’s brand new Watchmen podcastNothing Ever Ends, will be tackling two  intensely character-driven episodes this week as they delve into the psyche of Mirror Mask, and the backstory of the mysterious Will Reeves is finally revealed.

Reel Bad, Kevin & Jerome’s Breaking Bad podcast is now four episodes old! New episodes in the first week of each month.

The Superhero Pantheon have re-visited two of the most reviled movies of last year, Hellboy & Dark Phoenix, and needed to take a week off to think about what they did. But rest assured, they’ll be back on Tuesday with a second look at Captain Marvel.

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