Flooping the Pig – Episode 35: “500 Days of Flame Princess”

ftp 35

Original Air Date: November 2, 2014

Finn begins the healing process by helping Slime Princess chase away an evil outsider, fighting his way through a dungeon train, and helping his brother eat reclaim the world’s most perfect sandwich. Kevin Ford, Brad Garoon, and Justin Houston break it all down for you in this week’s episode of Adventure Time examination.

Episodes Covered:

‘Time Sandwich’ (Season 5, Episode 33)

‘The Vault’ (Season 5, Episode 34)

‘Love Games’ (Season 5, Episode 35)

‘Dungeon Train’ (Season 5, Episode 36)


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Secret Agent Men, Ben & Matt’s spy movie podcast has officially entered the era of ‘What if Mission: Impossible movies were just about Tom Cruise being a dangerously insane human being?’ with Ghost Protocol.

The Superhero Pantheon will be back next week (see below for why) so why not re-listen to their episoe on Big Hero 6 to tide you over? That would be a Very Normal thing to do.

Reel Bad, Kevin & Jerome’s brand new Breaking Bad podcast debuted its first episode and you should definitely listen. New episodes each month covering a new season of the show. That means tomorrow!

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