Flooping the Pig – Episode 82: “Death”

The third Distant Lands reunites the two main characters in the Dead Worlds, with cameos and easter eggs aplenty. Brad, JUSTIN, and Kevin discuss the episode, if Adventure Time utilizes fan service the “right” way, New Death, general musings and inquiries from Brad, and the return of the #SnailSearch! Check out what could be the penultimate FTP episode!

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If you can’t wait for more Adventure Time to hear Kevin podcast again, then check out his other work for the site as part of Jerome & Kevin Present…

Matt’s Batman The Animated Series recap, The Matt Signal, continues with episode recaps every Saturday and Sunday. This weekend Joker strikes it rich and Robin meets a mysterious girl in trouble.

Matt also presents Marvel Mondays, which just began coverage of Loki.

There Will Be Movies returns soon with Ben & Matt taking a look back at the 90s.

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