Flooping the Pig – Episode 76: “Grumbo”

It’s the beginning of the end as Brad, JUSTIN, and Kevin discuss the first four episodes of Adventure Time’s final season!

The mystery man from the Season 9 finale is revealed, and we learn about his relation to Princess Bubblegum and how he came to be, along with some revelations about some of the candy people. Plus, a classic BMO and Ice King adventure, and some mixed feelings on an episode that disrupted the overall flow of the season’s story arc.

Episodes Covered:

“The Wild Hunt” (Season 10, Episode 1)

“Always BMO Closing” (Season 10, Episode 2)

“Son of Rap Bear” (Season 10, Episode 3)

“Bonnibel Bubblegum” (Season 10, Episode 4)

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Ben & Matt’s There Will Be Movies has just dropped an episode on Boyhood as the duo continue to work their way through 25 of their favourite films each Monday.

Matt has also launched his Batman The Animated Series recap, The Matt Signal. New episode recaps every Saturday and Sunday. This weekend Clayface’s story concludes and Joker aims to retake the top spot on Villain Watch.

Kevin and Jerome’s Breaking Bad podcast, Reel Bad, has returned to discuss the first season of Better Call Saul! New episodes the first week of each month.

Jerome & Brian’s Pantheon Plus continues its run of road trip movies with Midnight Run.

Speaking of Jerome (twice), he is bringing write-ups of his 100 favourite films of all time to the site multiple times a week.

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