Flooping the Pig – Episode 80: “Hugo”

The HBO Max streaming service launched in May of 2020. It was announced that the service would revive Adventure Time as a new series called “Distant Lands”, which as of now is set to contain four forty minute-ish stand-alone episodes. The first of those four episodes, titled “BMO”, dropped in June 2020, which Brad, JUSTIN, and Kevin review in today’s episode. They discuss the episode itself, including their likes and dislikes, their thoughts on doing a prequel, and the possibilities of what the events in this episode could have on the remaining Distant Lands episodes. They also talk about how it does or doesn’t correlate to the Cartoon Network show.

The gang then discusses Pendleton Ward’s Netflix animated series “The Midnight Gospel.” The hosts have some conflicting thoughts on this very bizarre show, easily the most adult and difficult piece to be featured on FTP.

Flooping the Pig is going on hiatus until the second Distant Lands episode, “Obsidian”, is released, and at this time has no release date. Thanks for your patronage, and we’ll see you again for Episode 81!

Episodes Covered:

“BMO” (Distant Lands Episode 1)

Midnight Gospel Season 1

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Flooping the Pig may be over (for now), but you can still hear Kevin in the first week of each month as he and Jerome discuss Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul on their podcast, Reel Bad.

Ben & Matt’s There Will Be Movies has just dropped an episode on Handmaiden as the duo continue to work their way through 25 of their favourite films each Monday.

Matt’s Batman The Animated Series recap, The Matt Signal, continues with episode recaps every Saturday and Sunday. This weekend Poison Ivy and The Mad Hatter each get a second try at taking down The Dark Knight.

Jerome & Brian’s Pantheon Plus have kicked off their Autumn Apocalypse, which continues next week with a double-bill: Snowpiercer and Train to Busan.

Speaking of Jerome (twice), he is back to bringing write-ups of his 100 favourite films of all time to the site multiple times a week.

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