4 Crucial Thoughts After Re-Watching Justice League Before #TheSnyderCut

Justice League is your average bad film. Somehow Zack Snyder fans came to believe there existed a separate “Snyder Cut” of the film that would be more true to the film’s original spirit or something. No such cut existed, but Warner Brothers is financing an absurdly expensive reshoot. While Snyder and all of his films are cringe, this is all a hilarious takedown of Joss Whedon so it’s a clear net positive. Anyway, here are some hyper serious thoughts on The Whedon Cut.


The opening scene with Superman is truly fucking wild. Amazing power move by the Mission Impossible people to not allow Cavil to shave it off.

3. The Bat Beard

A major mistake made was that Ben Affleck shaved his beard off in his third scene. This really would have helped cover up for his general disinterest in this film. After giving Batman V. Superman everything he had, he kinda just phoned this one in. The beard was helping in the “Meeting The Aquaman” scene though!

2. Joe Manganiello Looked Fine As Hell With That Facial Hair

This guy really was impossibly hot in this film. Could the film had been better if he was in more of it and maybe even replace Steppenwolf altogether??? Almost assuredly!!!

1. Everyone Liked Jason Momoa in this!

I have been trying to figure out what was the key to Jason Momoa’s success in this otherwise derided film! People were so dismissive of so much of this film. Yet, most people seemed to find Momoa’s work quite pleasant and entertaining. What could it be??? I have some theories…but I need to keep working on them. I’ll get back to you when I figure it out.

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