Search for Justice – 4 Takeaways from Justice League: The Whedon Cut

Okay, fine. Facial hair is not the ONLY important thing worth considering in the tragic Joss Whedon cut of Justice League. I will be checking out these Justice League animated movies as much as possible. I will be using the same four questions I use here to assess each film. I have opted to do a little preview of this series with the two versions of the live-action Justice League film while it is so much in the news.

Best League Member?

Jason Momoa is a charming supporting character actor, and this film allowed him to be that. He actually injected some joy into the proceedings which made for it to be at least a breezy if not good experience of film watching. You go, Jason Momoa.

Weak Link?

superman angry.jpg

Henry Cavill is not terrible as Superman, but the way they shoehorn in his rebirth, temporary insanity, and then rechristened with a completely lighter personality is just some class Hollywood madness. No one was done any favors by this least of all the film itself.

Worthy Villain?

This was a straight-up shitty Thor villain or some shit. What a waste of Ciarán Hinds! This guy was so obviously a nothing bad guy. His plan was boring. There was no tension whatsoever. And he looked like complete garbage. A huge L for the film.


As a bizarre entry of Hollywood insanity, the Whedon cut of Justice League is pretty fascinating. But no, the film is very dumb and very bad and has no artistic merit. It is instead just the most bizarre merger of two filmmakers accidentally making one film together with both of them having completely different approaches and sensibilities. Thumbs Down.

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