The Superhero Pantheon – Limited Edition: WandaVision

Jerome and Brian reflect on the first released MCU project in 18 months as they discuss some general thoughts on Wandavision. Although they duo did not determine whether this was Pantheon worthy (yet), they provided their feelings on one of the most anticipated and then dissected shows in recent memory.

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Want to do some reading to supplement your listening? Why not check out Matt Waters’ review of WandaVision to launch his upcoming Marvel Mondays feature recapping every episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and everything beyond.

In addition to The Superhero Pantheon covering all of the MCU in previous podcasts, you can listen to Ben & Matt’s X-Cellent Adventures. Yes, duelling Marvel pods. We are truly the worst of The Internet.

Jerome & Kevin’s new podcast covering Halt and Catch Fire is now two episodes old. New episodes on the first Monday of each month.

The Matt Signal a Batman The Animated Series recap continues each Saturday and Sunday. This weekend Poison Ivy is hiding a horrifying secret in the suburbs and some pretty terrible rich guys get bored and do crimes.

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