Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey – Episode 33: Hawkeye

Ben & Matt continue their Marvel-lous (and never-ending) Journey through the history of the MCU.

The last of Marvel’s forays into television in 2021 of course means a discussion of Bumblebee, the Jeremy Renner App, Hawaiian Shirt Blastoise and a dog solving a murder.


Next weekSpider-Man: No Way Home


If you want individual episode reviews of each of these Marvel TV Shows, Matt also presents Marvel Mondays, which has now finished coverage of Moon Knight, and will return in June for Ms. Marvel.

For a more high brow movie podcast from Ben & Matt, check out There Will Be Movies, which takes a look at 25 of their favourite movies from a given decade. As mentioned at the end of this episode, the show will be back soon for a look at the 80s.

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