The Superhero Pantheon Vol. 2 – Episode 19: Batman Forever (Redux)

Riddler and TwoFace.jpg

Jerome and Brian are back to discuss Val Kilmer’s only film as Batman as Joel Schumacher is put in charge of the franchise. From one groan inducing line at the beginning to one toward the end, this is where things get a little rough for the Caped Crusader. But truly, who is afraid of the big black bat?

(Fun bat fact from Matt: Bats are not blind and in fact quite see quite well, just not in the dark, so Riddler’s dumb riddle at the end is even dumber than you think.)

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Like podcast reviews of Batman movies? Mike Thomas & Matt Waters happened to have reviewed every single one of them a couple of years ago! Why not listen to those too?

While the Superhero Pantheon may have finished their X-Men month, keep your eyes peeled for the 200th podcast on The Reel World, wherein Mike & Matt’s X-Cellent Adventures will return to review Dark Phoenix (and later Legion Season 3)

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters’ brand new podcast series There Will Be Movies debuts this week. There’s an Episode 0 explaining the premise up on the site now.

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