Mike & Matt’s X-Cellent Adventures: Episode #17 – Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix.jpg

Where were you on the day Mike Thomas filibustered about the rebooted X-Men timeline for 15 straight minutes?

The Reel World’s podcasting empire began three years and 199 episodes ago with a review of the first X-Men movie. Now we present to you our magnum opus: a one hour argument about Dark Phoenix. Enjoy.

Yes, that’s right. Two. Hundred. Episodes. Those of you who have been A) listening to this podcast since back when it was in single digits and B) have been paying attention will notice we have a phenomenal new logo to commemorate Episode 200/the end of this iteration of the X-Men movie franchise. Isn’t it glorious?

Mike & Matt's X-cellent adventures logo

Fear not, X-Cellent Adventures will return soon to cover Legion Season 3.

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Like X-Men movies but hate Mike & Matt? The Superhero Pantheon just reviewed the whole franchise and are now making their way through Batman… much like Mike & Matt did three years ago! Time IS a flat circle.

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters’s brand new podcast There Will Be Movies is launching this week and there’s an Episode 0 explaining the concept up on the site now. Big Boy Movies!

Big Spideas AND Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey will be returning soon to cover Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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