Search for Justice – 4 Takeaways from Justice League: Gods and Monsters

I will be checking out these Justice League animated movies as much as possible. I will be using the same four questions I use here to assess each film.

Best League Member?

Superman’s new name is Hernan Guerra, and he is voiced by Benjamin Bratt. In a touching tribute to the old Superman serial television show, they have Superman deliver one line in Spanish, as seen above. This was very reminiscent of the George Reeves television show in the episode where he travelled to Mexico. They would find a handful of guest characters to say very generic phrases like that in Spanish to try to convince us that Superman was actually in Mexico. Just wonderful stuff.

Weak Link?

It really tempting to go with Batman here. He basically becomes Wolverine only if he was a super smart scientist and also a vampire. It’s very cringe! However, Wonder Woman gets very little to do in this one, and that is just too much of a knock in a JL entry that only contains the big three members of the team.

Worthy Villain?

Not worthy at all! In fact, he was boring as fuck and lifelessly performed by C. Thomas Howell! His whole deal was kind of stupid and not really interesting. The framing of the Justice Leagues for crimes part was okay though and that is something that can be done better hopefully one day.


Despite some cool ideas and looks, this story is pretty fucking stupid and boring. It just kind of feels like they never thought much past the concept of “What if the Justice League but with new names and they all say ‘bitch’ in the movie?” It seems like a complete makeover for these characters would call for more interesting things happening to them. Thumbs Down

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