Search for Justice – 4 Takeaways from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

I will be checking out these Justice League animated movies as much as possible. I will be using the same four questions I use here to assess each film.

Best League Member?

Martian Manhunter is kinda the default winner here. He has a decent C-Story, and in general is just one of the most fun characters in the DC world and Justice League in particular. I cannot understand why he is not more prominently featured in future movies beyond the face that he has not been brought to the big screen yet.

Weak Link?

Billy Baldwin really drops the ball here and is a rare total net-negative as the Batman, and that so rarely happens with a Batman voice work.

Worthy Villain?

James Woods, tragically, was quite amazing here as Owlman. There was a coldness and calmness to his voice work that made for a refreshing juxtaposition to his psychopathic apocalyptic plans. James Wood: awful person, great actor.


This film is a really good example of the tone being all wrong. Everything about the concept was just too stupid, but they take everything so morbidly seriously. There’s no way to enjoy it whatsoever. Thumbs Down.

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