From Broadcast Depth Episode 15: ‘… And Found’ & ‘Abandoned’

From Broadcast Depth

The bond between the Tailies and raft survivors grows more strongly as Michael looks for Walt and Sawyer’s gunshot wound worsens. In our flashbacks, the Korean class system can’t stop a meet cute, and Shannon’s step Mom totally sucks. We also deal with our second Island death which makes things on the Island very awkward as our two groups grow closer to meeting.

Sick of all our Marvel coverage? Feel like you’re almost stranded on an island of apathy amidst a sea of superhero nonsense? This is not a subtle simile.

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As you might imagine, we’re doing a LOT of Marvel content over the next couple of weeks to coincide with both the 10th Anniversary of the MCU and the release of Avengers: Infinity War. We got the ball rolling with a special Crossover Episode with Superhero Pantheon previewing the upcoming film, and will be following that up with some fun listicles and then the next episode of Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey covering Black Panther this Wednesday. Check out the full schedule and every episode so far.

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