Jerome and Kevin Present: Brockmire (Season 3)

Jerome and Kevin are back to discuss the penultimate season of IFC’s baseball comedy series.

This Season, a now sober Brockmire navigates life in Florida, having to share the booth once again, and coming to terms with Jules and Charles no longer a part of his life.

The hosts discuss probably the worst episode of the series, how some characters are “done dirty”, the roles that homosexuality, religion, and cancer play in the season, the addition of a big named actor to the cast, and most importantly, Clemenza!

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Jerome & Kevin have completed podcasts on Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul and Halt and Catch Fire. Individually Jerome is the co-host of The Superhero Pantheon and Pantheon Plus while Kevin has done shows on LOST and Adventure Time.

Check out The Matt Signal Beyond, in which Matt Waters recaps episodes of Batman Beyond every Saturday and Sunday. This weekend one of Terry’s friends is on to his secret and an old flame returns to Gotham.

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