From Broadcast Depth Episode 6: ‘All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues’ & ‘Whatever The Case May Be’

From Broadcast Depth

Jack becomes the first character to receive a second flashback as we explore how he and his father clashed professionally and the issues it caused between them.

Boone and Locke also make a major discovery in the jungle. Unfortunately, for those who waited an entire month to find out what that was on the next episode, they would be let down with the worst episode of the first season and no further explanation as to what that discovery was. At least the music at the end is good? We’re halfway done with Season One!

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Coming this Wednesday: Ben Phillips and Matt Waters do their best to tough it out as they review Thor: The Dark World as part of their ongoing MCU podcast, Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey. Can they find positive things to say? Of course they can!

Black Panther content MIGHT be coming. Maybe. Ben & Matt will get to it in late April at the very least.

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