The Superhero Pantheon Holiday Special 2019 (Into The Spider-Verse & Watchmen)

Pantheon Chirstmas.jpg

It’s the holiday season, and listeners get a special treat with a 90 minute discussion of Watchmen featuring Jerome Cusson and special guest Ben Phillips. They discuss one of the best shows of the year and one of the most impactful superhero properties ever created. Then Brian joins Jerome for a discussion of Spider-Man:Into the Spider Verse. Is this finally the film to break the Spider-man pantheon curse?

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Can’t get enough discussion of Into the Spider-Verse? Why not listen to Mike Thomas & Matt Waters’ episode on it? Or how about Watchmen? Mike & Matt covered the movie too! As did the Superhero Pantheon!

Speaking of Mike & Matt and Christmas episodes, their very own one dropped last week. You also may or may not have noticed there’s now a page and playlist for all their Christmas content.

Mike & Matt will also be discussing the latest Star War… Why not whet your appetite by reading Mike’s written thoughts on Rise of the Jedi?

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters’ Very Serious Film Podcast For Adults, There Will Be Movies, just covered Inglorious Basterds, so surely they’re done with the war genre Matt despises so much… right?!

Kevin Ford’s Adventure Time podcast, Flooping the Pig, is coming back for new episodes in the new year. Catch up on the archive twice a week, now on The Reel World.

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