The Superhero Pantheon: Volume 2, Episode 33: Watchmen


It’s Zack Snyder’s first foray into the superhero genre, and I guess this was his best movie? This is one way to get excited for the upcoming television series as Jerome and Brian break down a faithful adaptation that somehow misses the subtext of what Alan Moore was trying to say.

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Speaking of Watchmen, the upcoming series is from the same creative team that brought you The Leftovers, a tremendous show that was covered in this here website by Ben Phillips & Matt Waters in their podcast, Countdown to Destruction? Go listen!

Also, Ben & Matt’s Big Boy Film podcast, There Will Be Movies, keeps on trucking with Hellboy’s own Guillermo del Toro’s finest film, Pan’s Labyrinth, covered most recently.

Look out for Jerome’s contributions to our site-wide ranking of the DCEU later this week that is guaranteed to cause inexplicable irritation for some people. It’s what we’re here for!

Finally, Jerome’s OTHER podcast, Mars Investigated, a Veronica Mars podcast co-hosted by Kevin Ford of From Broadcast Depth, continues on, with episode 3 coming soon.

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