There Will Be Movies – Episode 14: Pan’s Labyrinth

14) Pan's Labyrinth.jpg

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters present 25 of their favourite movies from a given decade, kicking things off with Volume 1: 2000 – 2009.

Can Matt back his way out of a decade of contrarianism about the highest rated movie we’ll be reviewing in this volume? Will Ben finally teach him how to feel? Has anyone ever seen Doug Jones’ face?!

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Intro/Outro music courtesy of Goldblume


If this is your first time experiencing the dulcet tones of Ben & Matt then why not check out the podcast series they did on The Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Leftovers.

The return of Mike Thomas to his own damn website is imminent as he and Matt will dust off The Tape Crusaders so they can argue about Joker for 45 minutes.

Speaking of arguments about DC movies, we’ll be presenting a site-wide listicle dedicated to the DCEU that’s bound to anger everybody.

While Ben & Matt have covered one of Ben’s favourite shows ever, Kevin Ford has shown a remarkable talent for beating him to coverage of his others, first with From Broadcast Depth and now partnering with Jerome Cusson for Mars Investigated. Share in his pain, won’t you?

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