The Reel World Christmas Special 2019: The Thin Man & Iron Man 3

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The tradition lives on! This year Mike Thomas decided to “give the people what they want” by forcing Matt to continue his tradition of bringing Shane Black films to the table, this time: Iron Man 3. Then it’s time to travel all the way back to 1934 to discuss The Thin Man and for Matt to make it sound an awful lot like he’s never seen any films from pre-1960. ‘Happy Christmas’ Everybody!

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Well, we’re fast running out of Shane Black Christmas movies, but there are at least a couple more to keep this annual podcast going! And who knows what Mike will have for us in 2020?!


Interested to hear more of Matt’s apparently controversial opinions on Iron Man 3? Well you can listen to the episode of Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey dedicated to it right now!

With There Will Be Movies about to complete its first volume, Ben & Matt will be bringing a brand new show to the site taking a look at Bond, Bourne and Mission Impossible: Secret Agent Men.

Be sure to stay tuned to Flooping the Pig, our new Adventure Time podcast, as two episodes from their archive are uploaded every week ahead of new episodes starting in the new year.

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