Watchmen  Podcast


Long before Zack Snyder was sucking all the fun out of the DC Universe he was sucking all the fun out of the most acclaimed graphic novel of all time with his first foray into the world of superheroes. As the only person in the world who likes it, Matt is ready to step up top the plate and do his best to defend it against Mike’s onslaught of criticism.

Look, they’re not all winners, okay? Yes, Matt took his sweet time uploading this episode, and yes, it’s not the best one we’ve ever done, but maybe that’s somewhat appropriate.

Also check out Keiron Gillen managing to talk about why Watchmen (the book) is good more eloquently than Matt:

Next on the docket: Legion! Extensive spoilers, obviously, so if you haven’t watched it all already, you’d better get to marathoning.

Special thanks to Goldblume for the intro/outro music!

Matt’s new Futurama ranking project is coming really soon. Bookmark now. Or don’t.

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