Ranking The Animatrix Short Films

Sky Scorchers

There is another Matrix film coming out! This is very cool! Like many people in the world, I am now re-watching everything Matrix before it happens. The one part of the world of The Matrix I know least is definitely The Animatrix. As such, I decided to do a deep dive into it. If you click on the link above there, you can listen to Matt and I discuss the whole Animatrix. I now disagree with a lot of the things I said in it! Not sure what was wrong with me the first time I watched this one! Honestly, it was pretty embarrassing to listen to this episode back on my front. Maybe this is just a thing you need to re-watch to appreciate or my tastes are just much better now.

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There Will Be Movies – Episode 66: Bound

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters present 25 of their favourite movies from the 1990s.

Why not The Matrix when your logo is styled after it? Are hands sexier than nipples? Will anyone get the final joke but Ben? Come find out as we discuss Bound!

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