Ranking The Animatrix Short Films

Sky Scorchers

There is another Matrix film coming out! This is very cool! Like many people in the world, I am now re-watching everything Matrix before it happens. The one part of the world of The Matrix I know least is definitely The Animatrix. As such, I decided to do a deep dive into it. If you click on the link above there, you can listen to Matt and I discuss the whole Animatrix. I now disagree with a lot of the things I said in it! Not sure what was wrong with me the first time I watched this one! Honestly, it was pretty embarrassing to listen to this episode back on my front. Maybe this is just a thing you need to re-watch to appreciate or my tastes are just much better now.

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There Will Be Movies – Episode 62: Babe

Ben Phillips & Matt Waters present 25 of their favourite movies from the 1990s.

Welcome to The Reel World’s most chaotic podcast to date featuring: The Matrix, Community, Succession, Happy Feet, Power Rangers, a cat in distress, and two hosts who can barely keep it together long enough to discuss Babe.

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