Ranking The Matrix Films

Updated 12/26/21 to include Resurrections.

Everything about the world of The Matrix rules. Here is how I rank the five films.

5. Revolutions

One thing about this film I really want to know is how much got changed based on the mixed reaction to Reloaded. Like, it’s a fun time do not get me wrong. It feels unnecessarily slight though and like it is missing a bunch of things that were originally in there. Anyway, it’s a fun non-end to the cinematic world of The Matrix that accomplishes everything it needed to do. Just in a less artistically satisfying manner than what had come before. The biggest knock on this film honestly is that it is a two-hour action-heavy third act-only sequel but none of the action is all that cool.



4. The Animatrix

When I first watched this film/collection a few years ago, I think I admired it more than actively enjoyed it. Re-watching it again more recently, I connected with it much more. As a whole, The Animatrix captures the macro and micro tragedies of the world of The Matrix in a way the feature films have not always had time to explore.


3. Reloaded

This film is so good and wild. The only real negative is that it’s not as great as its predecessor which happens to be one of the best films ever made. Tough break! Do some of the creative decisions the Wachowskis make here hold things down a bit? Of course. It’s hard to relate to the idea that those minor blights matter nearly as much as all the great things about it. The highlight of course (no breaking news here or anything) is the highway sequence which is just a masterclass in how to put together a giant action sequence to build tension (keeping Neo away from things) and to utilize variety in action sequences to keep things interesting. It is simply one of the best and most memorable sequences in the history of cinema.


2. Resurrections

What a remarkable accomplishment by Lana Wachowski and everyone involved. She managed to dive back into this world, tell a beautiful love story, take something familiar to audiences and challenge everyone to think of it in a new way. While missing an otherworldly excellent action sequence like the chase in Reloaded, the film’s action felt incredibly fresh and dynamic. Keanu delivered one of the best performances of his career (and of the year if you care about awards things). I could just keep going on and on about the things that I loved about this film. With time, I hope to write something more interesting about it.


1. The Matrix

The Matrix is simply one of the best motion pictures that has ever been made. I am not sure what else there is to say about it that has not already been said. I will opt to merely call attention to one moment in particular that has stayed with me forever. The moment Neo “dies” and the cut to the faraway dead looks in the eyes of Morpheus and Tank is still one of the most haunting moments I have ever seen. Belief is so powerful and so uniquely human and the death of the belief in that moment for them is just as bone-chilling more than two decades later since it came out. It is a perfect moment in one of the best movies ever.


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