The Sky Scorchers – Episode 2: The Matrix Reloaded

sky scorchers 2

Prepare yourselves for a rant 12 years in the making as Mike Thomas takes to his soap box to preach about The Matrix Reloaded… as well as Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and just about anything else foolish enough not to duck for cover.

Also we hope you enjoy Matt flagrantly ignoring Mike’s wishes to insert a witty comment about Niobe and Locke as the outro to the episode, while retaining all the instructions to do so, just so it’s super obvious he didn’t do it…

Still with us? Good! Because enough of this leathered up, sunglass-wearing bullet-time nonsense, what this franchise needs is more haggard humans with no discernible superpowers whatsoever, wearing threadbare clothes nobody is confident get washed. It can only be time for The Matrix Revolutions.

Sky Scorchers

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