From Broadcast Depth – Episode 52: ‘The Variable’ & ‘Follow The Leader’


The 100th episode of LOST provides the long awaited flashback episode for one Daniel Faraday, where we witness how Eloise Hawking had a hand in guiding Daniel to the Island, why she did so, and that maybe his “whatever happened, happened” mantra has some exceptions.

In the next episode, Locke exposes Ben as a fraud while stating a shocking mission, Jack feels he found his purpose as to why he returned to the Island, and Sawyer and Juliet look to leave as they’re finally exposed in 1977. The table is set for next week’s Season 5 finale in this historic podcast episode!

Photo Credit: Lost Addicts Original artwork: Ben Lundy.

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Mike Thomas & Matt Waters reviewed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse because there isn’t enough buzz about the film online already. Also their Matrix podcast, The Sky Scorchers, has just covered The Matrix Reloaded so be on the look out for Revolutions in the coming week.

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