From Broadcast Depth – Episode 51: ‘Dead is Dead’ & ‘Some Like It Hoth’


As we learn this week, the history between Ben Linus and Charles Widmore is tumultuous and complex. We learn about their past, as well as witness Ben go on a journey to be judged by the Island for forgiveness now that he has returned in a performance so well done it earned Michael Emerson an Emmy.

We finally get our first flashback of our Freighter folks with Miles, learning about his connection to the Island, his gift of “communicating” with the Dead, and his own set of Daddy issues. We also discover there may be more to the other Ajira 316 passengers than we thought. Two great episodes this week as we get closer to the Season 5 finale!

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Photo Credit: Lostpedia Original artwork: Ben Lundy.

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There’s still time to check out our 2018 Christmas Episode of the The Reel World Podcast where Mike Thomas & Matt Waters discuss LA Confidential and The Nice Guys, as well as their review of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and their brand new Matrix podcast, The Sky Scorchers!

A Happy New Year from everyone at The Reel World!

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