The Reel World Christmas Special 2018: The Nice Guys & LA Confidential

XMas 2018.jpg

Tis the season for more podcasts! Mike & Matt return for two more alternative Christmas films, and don’t worry, neither of them are Die Hard! Mike Thomas shares his childhood(?!) memories of LA Confidential and all its problematic content while Matt Waters brings another Shane Black detective story in The Nice Guys.

Remember everybody: Facism Bad, Characters Are Important.

Merry Christmas everybody!

We have plenty of great content coming in 2019, in both written and audio form, including the continuation of our LOST podcast From Broadcast Depth, the return of Ben & Matt’s Marvellous Journey, more Matrix talk in The Sky Scorchersas well as to-be-announced new podcasts from Mike & Matt and Kevin & Ben, and an ongoing weekly written series from Matt. Plus more that doesn’t fit neatly with the rest!

Get. Hyped.

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