The Top 25 Pieces of Pop Culture That Distracted Me from a Terrible 2017: Podcasts

For a number of different reasons, 2017 was not the best year. There were external and internal factors. Thankfully, we live in a world where we can distract ourselves. This can also have a negative affect, but part of practicing self-care involved enjoying movies, television shows, podcasts, and books. Many of the books I read weren’t necessarily from 2017, but there are number of things I’ve watched and listened which have provided me moments of contemplation and of laughter. I’m dividing this into three parts and starting with podcasts. Tomorrow will be television shows and I’ll end with movies on Thursday.

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11 issues with The Last Jedi after two viewings


When I left the theater for The Force Awakens two years ago, I could not help but feel conflicted. I enjoyed a lot of what happened in the film, but it was disheartening to see *just* how much the filmed leaned on nostalgia and referencing the original films.

Cut to a week ago and me departing the theater after seeing The Last Jedi. On one hand, I was comforted to see how the film purposefully tried to distance itself from nostalgia. That was not my primary reaction though.

Instead, I was just in a daze about the actual execution of the film. There was such a lack of quality control in regards to the script and plotting. It really soured my experience of the film and took me completely out of it by the end. I kind of never wanted to watch the film again and lost all of my enthusiasm for the future of the Skywalker saga.

Having previously purchased tickets for a second viewing already, I went in determined to understand the source of my frustration. While I did enjoy the film more the second time around (being prepared for the problems this time), there are still fundamental issues with the film’s execution that undermine much of what the film attempted to do.

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How Rian Johnson Finally Moved Star Wars into the 21st Century


Early in The Last Jedi, General Hux gives the kind of speech we’ve become used to in the Star Wars universe. It’s theatrical bordering on cartoonish with threats being made as the First Order is on the verge of battling the Resistance.

A real new order is established though when Poe Dameron snarkily pretends not to hear Hux and provides a distraction for the rest of his mates to escape the planet they were trapped on.

A few minutes later, we see the ending of The Force Awakens repeated. JJ Abrams showed reverence as Ray handed Luke Skywalker his lightsaber back. The music swells, and we are positioned for a historic moment. In The Last Jedi, Luke does indeed take that lightsaber…and throw it over his shoulder like it’s nothing.

These two moments will quickly establish whether you are in or out on this particular film. Continue reading How Rian Johnson Finally Moved Star Wars into the 21st Century

The Tape Crusaders: Episode #16 – Justice League 

Justice League.jpg

Remember Tape Crusaders? Well it’s back! Why? Because DC are still making movies? Why? Oh, sorry, forget that. That’s right, Justice League is finally out and are Mike & Matt going to break podcast radio-silence to review it? You betcha. Spoilers, obvs. Continue reading The Tape Crusaders: Episode #16 – Justice League