Pantheon Plus – Muppet Mania: Muppets From Space

Jerome and Brian discuss the final Muppets movie before officially being bought by Disney. It’s also the end of an era as this is Frank Oz’s final Muppet movie as well.

A major disappointment on every level with minimal music and a bizarre plot straight out of the 1990s. Oh, and count all the canceled performers. 

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Ben Phillips & Matt Waters continue to present 25 of their favourite 90s movies in the third volume of There Will Be MoviesThis week you should know that it’s not your fault… it’s not your fault… it’s not yo… look it’s Good Will Hunting.

Matt also presents The Matt Signal Beyond, which recaps episodes of Batman Beyond every Saturday and Sunday. This weekend Shriek robs Gotham of its ability to understand the spoken word, and Terry’s friend dates a robot.

But wait, there’s more! Matt ALSO presents Marvel Mondays which has returned to present coverage of Hawkeye.

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